'Breaking Bad' Inspired Meth Lab Play Set Lets Fans Channel Walter White

(Image Credit: Citizen Brick)

Diehard fans of the AMC show "Breaking Bad" can cook up their own fun in a meth lab play set modeled after the Emmy-winning show.

The $250 Superlab Playset, which was made by custom block and figurine printing company Citizen Brick, has already sold out, founder Joe Trupia told ABCNews.com. He declined to say how many units were sold and said he is unsure if he will print more.

Citizen Brick is not affiliated with "Breaking Bad" or Lego, but Trupia said he wanted to pay homage to what many view as one of the greatest shows on television.

"When an idea crosses our path that seems like a good one, we tend to do that," he said. "We think of it as an expression of fan-hood for the show. It's accelerated fan art."

The meth lab playset includes drums of toxic chemicals and a bespectacled bald "chemistry enthusiast" in a hazmat suit who looks a lot like Walter White.

Other characters included are "Chicken Enthusiast," who bears a resemblance to Gus Fring and "World's Best Grandpa," aka Mike Ehrmantraut.

"We do the things that interest us," Trupia said. "It comes from a position of true fan-hood."

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