Fox Steals Spotlight at Texas Tech vs. TCU Football Game

VIDEO: Fox Interrupts College Football Game

Texas Tech may have pulled off an upset win against their in-state rival Texas Christian University (TCU) Thursday night, but who cares because a fox was on the loose.

The college football game is all over the Internet today not because of the game itself but because it was briefly interrupted by a wily fox who found his way into the Jones AT&T Stadium on the Texas Tech campus in Lubbock.

ESPN cameras caught sight of the fox on the sidelines and zoomed in as it evaded capture, even by Texas Tech's mascot in a giant cowboy hat.

The fox, looking a bit confused, was eventually captured. The capture took place, however, just as TCU missed a critical field goal, leading conspiracy theorists, and likely TCU fans, to question how the fox got inside the home team's stadium to begin with.

Also a coincidence, or not, is that the viral video buzzed about this week is a music video called, "The Fox," created by Norwegian talk show host duo, Ylvis.

The bizarre video, which has received more than 11 million YouTube views, asks the question that dogs woof, cats meow, birds tweet and mice squeak, but what about the fox? What does he say?

Sadly, in the case of the mystery Texas Tech vs. TCU fox, though ESPN trained its lenses on the fox, it did not give it a microphone.

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