Half Nude Inmate Escapes Through Doctor's Ceiling

Lexington Police Department

Police in Kentucky are searching for an escaped inmate who has managed to evade custody for the second time in under a week - this time wearing only a towel and t-shirt - after climbing through the ceiling at a doctor's office.

Ashley Page Marler, 31, climbed through the ceiling tiles and fled a Lexington division officer's custody while being seen at the Polk-Dalton Medical Center on Monday. At the time of her escape she was reportedly wearing a towel and white t-shirt, police said.

Marler is four months pregnant, according to a report from WKYT.

"She went from the jail to the medical center in handcuffs, [which is] about 3 to 5 miles from the jail. She was transferred in a van," Lexington mayor's director of communications Susan Straub told ABCNews.com. "She was in the examination room, and the guard was in the waiting room [when she escaped]."

Marler's escape this week comes exactly one week after another alleged attempt. On Monday, Sept. 16 she was given a medical pass to visit a doctor. In that instance, she "did not come back," according to Straub.

She was arrested the next day and charged with escape.

Marler was originally arrested on Aug. 8 and charged with two counts of receiving stolen property, which was jewelry, Straub said. She had pleaded not guilty to that charge. She now faces two counts of escape in the second degree.

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