VIDEO: Man Drives Bulldozer Through Neighbor's House

VIDEO: Man Drives Bulldozer Through Neighbors House

In the annals of neighborhood mayhem, it doesn't get much crazier than the tale of Barry Swegle in Port Angeles, Wash.

Dan Davis and Barry Swegle have been neighbors for over a decade. But after Dan built a new fenceline to separate their properties, a miniature war erupted.

"We would build it up, he would knock it down. We would put it up, he would knock it down," Davis said.

911 Bulldozer Rampage Call: 'He's Smashing My House Plum to Pieces'

On May 10, Swegle took to a 90,000-pound bulldozer for revenge, destroying not only the fence, but then moving on to terrorize the neighborhood, damaging four homes, a pick-up truck, a boat and surrounding power lines in the process, police said.

Police said they'd never seen anything like Swegle's bulldozing rampage.

"We have the usual customary neighborhood disputes, but nothing like this where someone takes a bulldozer and causes extensive damages," Clallam County Under-Sheriff Ron Peregrin said.

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