Children's Hospital's 'Brave' Music Video Goes Viral

VIDEO: An inspiring group of young cancer patients reveal how "Brave" they truly are.

Cancer can certainly be a scary thing for children to endure, but judging by the bright smiles and infectious laughter coming from these young patients at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, you wouldn't know it.

"We had to give something back to these patients, because they inspire us so much," Brittany Bloemke, a nurse at the children's hospital, told "We wanted to give them a great moment, and we were waiting for the perfect song to come along."

And once Sara Barielles' hit song "Brave" was released, the nurses in the hospital's hematology and oncology departments "jumped all over it," to create their version of the music video, and the result was pure magic.

About 20 former and current patients, along with 60 to 70 doctors and nurses, were involved in making the children hospital's an inspirational version of Barielles' music video, all to exemplify just how "brave" these young cancer patients truly are.

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In the video, which already has more than 154,000 YouTube views since it was originally posted on Oct. 7, you get a glimpse into the daily lives of these children struggling to fight cancer, yet making the most of their current situation. Nerf gun fights, riding tricycles down the halls and jumping on the hospital beds are just a few of the fun activities that help pass the time.

"All the people you see in the video are your biggest supporters, and they're the ones you're with on a daily basis," Sarah Ewald, a former patient of the hospital, explained of the staff. "They all become your family. The stuff in the video, you actually do see kids riding their trikes around. They actually do have fun. The nurses try to turn it into a good experience as much as possible."

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Natalie Snyder, another nurse involved with organizing the music video, was blown away by the amount of interest they received from everyone, including former patients, wanting to take part.

"We didn't anticipate how many kids contacted us to participate," Snyder said on "GMA Live!" today. "It's so awesome for them to look back on. This is a really dark time for them, and hopefully this will provide them with some happiness, to see this video they were a part of. That's our biggest thing. It's not all sad and tears here, it's a children's hospital. We do have fun."

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