Traffic Stop Turns to Brawl as Murder Suspect Battles Cops

VIDEO: Isaiah Barker, 29, was wanted in the 2011 death of his girlfriend and her unborn baby.

A routine traffic stop in a sleepy Georgia town turned into an all-out melee as five cops battled with a suspect for nearly 10 minutes, including shooting him with stun guns and pepper spray and wrestling to keep him from stealing a police car in the middle of the brawl.

Ten hours after Isiah Barker, 29, was safely collared and in police custody did authorities realize he was a fugitive, accused of murdering his girlfriend and her unborn child in Chicago in 2011.

Cops in Forest Park, Ga., pulled over the car in which Barker was riding just before 2 a.m. on Monday for having on its high beams, police said.

Cops questioned Barker, who after acting strangely, could not provide identification. He reached into his pocket telling officers he had a paystub proving his identity, but before producing it tried to swing at cops and then bolted.

Additional units arrived on the scene to try to pacify Barker. As he fought with police, they used batons, a stun gun, and pepper spray, but he was unrelenting, cops said.

"The fight continued on for about nine minutes," Forest Park Police Major Chris Matson told ABC affiliate WSB-TV. "The endurance and the strength that this guy had was unbelievable."

In the middle of the fight, Barker tried to jump into an open police car and drive off, police said.

"They knew that somebody that fought that hard had to have a good reason," Matson said.

Once Barker was in custody, investigators ran his fingerprints and learned he was wanted in Illinois and Indiana. He is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Cynthia Funches, 26, and her unborn baby in 2011.

Her body was found wrapped in a plastic storage bin in the garage of a vacant house in Chicago, but authorities believe she was killed in Indiana, according to cops. Barker has not yet appeared in a Georgia court as authorities determine when and how he'll be extradited.

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