Fla. Man Dies After Unsupervised 911 Trainee Misdirects Ambulance

VIDEO:Video shows a 911 operator on her phone when she was supposed to be overseeing a trainee.

A central Florida man died after a trainee 911 dispatcher sent the ambulance to the wrong address while a colleague who was supposed to be supervising was instead using her cell phone, according to officials in Volusia County, Fla.

Newly released surveillance video shows the two 911 operators on Sept. 4, the night Bob Hill of New Smyrna Beach, Fla., died of a heart attack. It took 15 minutes for ambulances to arrive on the scene because they were sent to the wrong address, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said in its report on the incident. The trip should have taken 12 minutes.

A trainee had taken the call and Shauna Justice was in charge of training him, 911 officials said. But throughout the call, Justice can be seen on the video checking her cellphone, and not paying attention to the trainee.

On the 911 tape, the caller can be heard telling dispatch the cross streets of his location, but incorrectly calls the "Nova Community Center" in Ormond Beach the "Ormond Rec Center," according to the report.

Instead of sending an ambulance to the cross streets, the trainee sent an ambulance to an address he found using a "common location search" on their internal systems.

An internal investigation by the Volusia County emergency services cited Justice for "inattention to duties" and "loafing." She was suspended without pay for three days.

Justice was also found in violation of using her cell phone, which is not allowed to be visible or used in the dispatch room. "You accepted full responsibly for your actions and after earnest consideration; my final decision is to suspend you from duty without pay for 3 work days," the commission wrote in its finding.

Attempts by ABC News to reach Justice for comment weren't successful.

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