Watch: Skydiver Katie Hansen's Moving Car Landing

VIDEO: Daredevil Katie Hansen precisely matches speed of car with decent to stick impossible landing.

Jumping out of an airplane is death-defying enough for most people.

Jumping out of an airplane and landing safely in a moving car seems close to impossible, but one daredevil made it happen.

Katie Hansen, a 28-year-old nurse from Northern California, took on the challenge at an extreme sports event in Norway this summer.

In a video posted last week to YouTube, Hansen can be seen making spirals in the sky as she begins her dizzying descent towards a yellow Ford Mustang convertible with the top, of course, down.

The driver carefully matched her speed and just as she approached the car it looked like she was not going to make it, but a final swoop landed her perfectly in the car.

"I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous," Hansen told ABC News' Susan Saulny. "But I was definitely focused."

Hansen's pitch-perfect descent into the car would make it seem like she had practiced the maneuver multiple times but, in fact, she nailed it on her first attempt.

"I was so happy when I made it," Hansen said. "I couldn't believe it but everything just lined up perfectly."

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