Airplane Blown Sideways During Landing Attempt

VIDEO: Fierce winds forced pilots to abort a landing at an airport in Birmingham, England.

Toward the end of a nearly seven-hour flight from Dubai to Birmingham, England, passengers got a terrifying scare Thursday when heavy winds almost forced the plane into a sideways landing.

The pilot of the Boeing 777, operated by Dubai-based Emirates Airlines, made two attempts to land at Birmingham Airport in the midst of heavy storms that battered the area Thursday, according to The Birmingham Mail.

In video of the attempted landings, the plane approaches the runway sideways and at a right angle before twice going back up in the air instead.

After the two aborted landings, the pilot flew the 777 an additional 100 miles to London's Gatwick Airport, where it landed safely, according to the Mail.

One passenger reportedly tweeted, "Never flying again," after the flight.

A spokesperson for Birmingham Airport told the paper that, despite the heavy storms, no flights were cancelled.

A Brussells Airlines plane landing in Birmingham was also reportedly blown from side to side Thursday while descending onto the runway, but the pilot managed to land the plane safely.

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