Lotto Jackpot Winner Decides to Do Something Drastic With Winnings

VIDEO: Tom Crist says hell give the largest lottery prize ever won in Calgary to cancer charities.

A Canadian man who just won $40 million in the Lotto Max jackpot has big plans for his newfound wealth: giving all the money away to charity.

Crist told Canadian news station CTV that he planned to give away all the prize money to different charities and organizations he chooses, including cancer research.

"I just retired at the end of September so I was fortunate enough in my career to set myself up and my kids anyway, and there was no doubt in my mind where that money was going to go, it was going to go to charity," Crist told the Toronto Statr as he claimed his money this week.

But Crist did tell the Calgary Herald that he has 4 kids who will help him decide where the money goes, and:

Crist recently retired as president of an electronics company and has four children, according to the Calgary Herald.

It was the largest jackpot in Calgary's lottery history. Crist plays the game by subscription, which allows him to opt-in to the lotto for an entire year, according to CTV.

"I wasn't even sure which game I'd won on, or what the numbers were," he said Monday. "I've paid for the subscription when I get the renewal notice every year, and then I just file it.

Crist did not return calls from ABC News today.

Tom Crist, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, plans to donate the entirety of his lottery winnings to charity. (Western Canada Lottery Corporation)

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