Norwegian Daredevil Races Backwards Down Mountain

VIDEO: Eskil Ronningsbakken does a handstand 2,000 feet in the air without a harness or safety net.

What does a daredevil cyclist do once he's conquered a handstand on top of a mountain with no net?

If you're Norwegian daredevil Eskil Ronningsbakken you bike backwards at speeds of up to 50 mph down Norway's Trollstigen mountain with only a bike helmet to protect you.

Ronningsbakken posted video of his feat to YouTube last month, where it has already been viewed more than 400,000 times.

Perched atop the bike's handlebars, Ronningsbakken weaves down the 850m-high-mountain on a foggy, rainy day, using only his own sideways glances to navigate the tricky terrain.

The YouTube video includes footage from Ronningsbakken's own perspective thanks to a helmet cam.

At the end of the video, after arriving safely at the mountain's base, Ronningsbakken makes his next goal known.

"I think there's only one thing missing now, and that's to go all the way back up," he says.

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