Pet Kangaroo Discovered After Hopping Away From Owner

A pet kangaroo escaped from its owner in Western Kentucky yesterday evening. Credit: Ohio County Sheriff's Office

A pet kangaroo who hopped away into the Kentucky backwoods is safe and sound after being reunited with its owner.

The marsupial, named "Roo," by its owner Suzy Hein, disappeared into a wooded area at about 6 p.m. yesterday after escaping from a leash-like harness and had not been seen until today.

"We found him down the road, on the property," Hein told ABC News. "Right now he's in the house in diapers."

Hein was busy building an outdoor pen for the kangaroo at the time of the escape, and was relieved to locate her pet alive and unharmed.

"We're feeling a lot better than how we were," Hein said. "He's my baby."

According to Hein, she received the kangaroo about a month ago from a friend after she and her husband decided to start housing exotic animals. The couple plans to establish a petting zoo in the area.

Authorities say the case is a first for the county.

"In 30 years, this is the first time I've ever had a kangaroo call," Ohio County Chief Deputy Steve Kimble told ABC News. "We pride ourselves in Ohio County on having a great biodiversity of fishing, hunting and recreation, and this just adds to it," he said.

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