Stonehenge Gets $44M Makeover, Still Looks Like a Bunch of Rocks

This was Stonehenge in 1997, looking much the same way it has since it was constructed on the moors of England some 5,000 years ago.

(Photo By DEA / G. WRIGHT/De Agostini/Getty Images)

And this is Stonehenge today, following a $44 million (27 million pound) renovation. See the difference?

(Photo by Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

Truth be told, the renovation did little to impact the 17 stones arranged in a circle by Druids in 3,000 B.C.

Instead, the money went to "restore the dignity" of the monument, allowing visitors to see the stones "free from the clutter and rubbish," Simon Thurley, who heads the group English Heritage, told the Associated Press.

The funds also went to building a new interactive visitors center.

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