Watch Extreme Parkour Santa Jump From Roof to Roof

Stuntman Ronnie Shalvis dresses as Santa for extreme gift-delivering.

Santa Claus will be delivering gifts to children around the world this Christmas on a sleigh guided by reindeer but, in the meantime, one of his U.S. helpers is showing what would happen if jolly ol' St. Nick went extreme.

Ronnie Shalvis, a free-runner, stunt coordinator and parkour trainer from South Jordan, Utah, dressed up in a Santa suit and went to leaps and bounds, literally, to show how Santa Claus gets from roof to roof.

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Shalvis' version of Santa travels by parkour, a running discipline that involves jumping, climbing and rolling anywhere and everywhere, making the landscape, in this case rooftops, a personal obstacle course.

Parkour is focused on overcoming obstacles, something Shalvis, 23, faced 10-fold when filming his "Santa Parkour" video right after a snowfall.

"I'm demonstrating how to do parkour in the snow when it's slippery, at night when it's dark and in the Santa suit, which inhibits movement," Shalvis said. "I had a lot of padding underneath [the Santa suit] to make me look bigger so it added weight."

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Dressing as Santa Claus also nearly blinded Shalvis, making it particularly tricky to make sure his flips didn't turn into flops.

"Every flip trick I would do, the beard would fly up and cover my eyes," he said. "So almost every flip I did, I did blind because my eyes were covered."

Shalvis says he completed all the stunts in the the two-minute video himself over a period of about two weeks of shooting at night.

"I was only able to land because I had done the flips so many times before," he said of the difficult conditions. "I'd done a lot of the locations before but this time, with snow, it was slippery."

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