Watch This Christmas Tree Prank

VIDEO: Watch This Christmas Tree Prank

Pranksters at a Texas high school are taking credit for a hilarious Christmas tree video that has gone viral.

The video, posted to YouTube Wednesday, shows what happens when a high school student dresses as a Christmas tree. In summary, hilarity ensues.

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The "Christmas tree," played by a student, stands still at different spots on the Kilgore High School campus in Kilgore, Texas, while faculty members posed in front of what they thought was just a festive backdrop.

As the teachers and staff recount their favorite Christmas memories or say a holiday greeting, the tree comes alive, much to their shock.

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Some of the prankees were genuinely surprised while others, obviously used to the antics of high school students, reacted with just a gentle laugh or a roll of the eyes.

The nearly five-minute video full of Christmas surprises was produced by students in the school's Advanced Media course.

"One of the students had used the Christmas tree costume for a Sunday school party so asked to use it at school and I said, 'Yeah, let's run with it,'" media teacher Michelle Gilgan said.

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Five students filmed the video on two separate days at both the high school and the local middle school, where teachers were dressed up for "Tacky Sweater Day."

"They don't normally dress like that," Gilgan said.

Gilgan says it took her five students all of "about 30 minutes" to produce the video, and that the faculty and staff have gotten "the biggest ball" out of all the attention it has received.

"I've gotten a lot of, 'Hey, why wasn't I involved in it?'" Gilgan said of teachers wishing they'd been pranked, too.

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