What's on Al Qaeda's Grocery List?

VIDEO: Scraps of paper found in a Timbuktu hideout show purchases for soap, superglue, cake and macaroni.

A trove of documents discovered in an Al Qaeda hideout in Timbuktu, Mali, reveals that the Muslim terrorists are both finicky eaters and fastidious about their expense reports.

More than 100 receipts, many hand-written on tiny scraps of paper, were discovered earlier this year by the Associated Press after a wing of the terror group, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in Timbuktu, were driven from their offices by the Malian military.

Experts say the group is run much like any business, with fighters required to attend conference calls and submit itemized expense reports and receipts.

Here are just a few of the items for which Al Qaeda fighters submitted receipts.

A bar of soap… $1.80

A pack of macaroni… $8

Superglue… $14

Cake… $0.60

Broom… $3

Bleach… $3.30

20 barrels of diesel fuel… $3,720

"A trip for spreading propaganda"… $200

3,300 rounds of ammunition… $330

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