Broncos Fight Sea Sickness Aboard Media Yacht

Denver Broncos tweeted this photo on Jan. 29, 2014: "Board the boat with us and see photos from today's #Broncos press conferences:" @Broncos/Twitter

One of the Denver Broncos' last media sessions before their highly anticipated Super Bowl battle with the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday may also have been their most miserable.

Several players on Wednesday reported feeling ill aboard the luxury liner, the Cornucopia Majesty. There media interviews have been held since Sunday, with the ship, moored on the Hudson River, swaying back and forth.

"They didn't have any sea legs," said Keesha Ojeda, assistant manager for the cruise line, saying that reports from the crew indicated the Broncos were wobbly but "O.K."

"It wasn't reported to me that anybody got downright sick, no one was running for the bathroom," explained Ojeda. "It was just the wakes that were hitting the ship from other boats and police boats."

But reports were that players weren't happy about the NFL's decision to hold a series of media events aboard the yacht, which was docked right near the team's hotel - a baffling move considering the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City boasts a number of large ballrooms and conference spaces.

When asked by reporters about his preparedness for Sunday's big game, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning responded on Wednesday, "I wasn't prepared for a rocking cruise ship. There's always a wrinkle, I guess."

In contrast, the Seattle Seahawks held their media availabilities at the Westin Jersey City on those days, prompting fans to take to Twitter to ask:

A tweet from a reporter on Thursday morning confirmed that conditions hadn't changed much from yesterday's proceedings.

NFL spokesman Michael Signora told ABC News they often look for alternate arrangements to maximize space for team functions, even previously holding media availabilities in a large tent created in a hotel parking lot. In New Jersey, that meant taking advantage of the river, he said.

"We discussed these plans with the Broncos and they were very satisfied with the arrangements both inside and outside the hotel," Signora said.

The Broncos did not immediately respond to ABC News' calls for comment.

Cornucopia Cruises calls the liner "the largest luxury party ship in the North East." The 210 foot ship can accommodate up to 1,200 guests.

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