New 'Beast Mode' Marijuana Hits Like Seahawks' Star

Jars of the marijuana strain "Beast Mode OG" named after NFL player Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks, are pictured in Seattle, Jan. 28, 2014. Jason Redmond/Reuters

Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch, first had his nickname hijacked by a burger joint, then a butcher who infused sausages with Skittles (the famously-loved candy of the Seahawks running back), and now by botanists who have created an especially potent strain of pot.

Queen Anne Cannabis Club, a medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle, where pot is now legal, stocks the super-strong Beast Mode marijuana variety, which has a THC content of 17.6 percent. Dispensary owner Nate "diggity" Johnson says the pot hits people just like Lynch would, and is asking for a donation of $13 a gram or $150 for a half ounce for the strong stuff.

Lynch may be the first Seahawks star to have a pot strain named after him, but Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos' quarterback, already has an eponymous variety named after him in Colorado.

Here's more on the Seattle pot:

  • The growers, Zion Gardens, originally set out to produce a variety called Girl Scout Cookies, but quickly realized their extra-strong strain needed a better name.
  • Washington State dispensaries are technically not allowed to sell weed, and so donations are being collected to contribute to running costs and employees' salaries.
  • Lynch has trademarked the name "Beast Mode," but the collective is hoping Lynch won't sue because of their donations-based policy.
  • THC content in marijuana can vary from less than 1 percent to 20 percent.
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