Wash. Woman in Two Heroic Rescues Will Get Medal, Keep Day Job

Rachael Boehme came to the aid of car crash victims around Christmas 2012 and again a year later.

A Washington woman will receive a medal for life-saving from police after coming to the aid of three people in two separate, life-threatening car crashes.

Rachael Boehme's two rescues came just one year and days apart, both around Christmas.

The 25-year-old high basketball coach's first rescue came just three days before Christmas 2012 as she was driving home and watched as a tree slammed into a car in front of her.

Boehme rushed to the scene, despite the danger that more trees might fall, and came to the aid of a woman in the passenger seat who was five months pregnant.

"Her face and arms were pretty torn up with glass," Boehme told ABCNews.com. "I just stayed with her the whole time and kept a blanket around her and told her to take calm breaths to make sure oxygen was getting down to her baby."

Last month, on Christmas Eve, Boehme was driving through her hometown of Snohomish, Wash., when she saw steam rising from a ditch.

Boehme saw a truck that had flipped over an embankment and was submerged in water.

"As soon as I saw the truck flipped over, it was fight or flight so I just scurried down the hill as fast as I could and kept making sure I was doing whatever I needed to do to get whoever was in there out," she said.

A driver and a passenger were stuck inside the truck.

"The driver was able to roll down his window so I just kept pulling on the collar of his sweatshirt and yanking him until he got out," Boehme said.

The passenger was stuck in the truck so Boehme pinned her leg between the truck and the door, pressing her back against the truck to pull him out.

"He did look at me and say, 'Thank you very much,' as we were coming up the hill," Boehme said.

Boehme describes the honor of receiving a life-saving medal next week from the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office as "too much."

"I was kind of shocked and a little overwhelmed," she said of learning of the award. "I was just doing what I thought anybody should do."

Boehme says her family has said that perhaps her dual rescues could be a sign the she should pursue a career as a first responder, but she is just focusing on her current passion, basketball.

"Right now I'm just a basketball coach. That's just my daily routine right now," Boehme said. "These are just instances where I just happened to be at the right place where someone else was in the wrong place."

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