An Olympic Athlete Had Her Medal "Dance-Blessed" - By Having Her Teammate Twerk

Erin Hamlin posted this video to her Instagram account, Feb. 12, 2013. Hamlin said that she had to get her medal "dance-blessed" by her teammate, Kate Hansen. (Credit: @erinhamlin/Instagram)

When Erin Hamlin made history this week for becoming the first American to win an individual medal for luge at the Olympics, her teammate, Kate Hansen, decided the medal needed to be "dance-blessed," Hamlin tweeted.

So Hamlin, 27, of New Hartford, N.Y., tweeted a video of Hansen dancing - and twerking - while wearing the shiny bronze medal.

Hansen, 21, of Burbank, Calif., didn't medal, but she's been literally shaking things up with her unorthodox warm-up routine: she dances in her headphones like no one's watching.

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