Escaped Zoo Worker in Gorilla Suit Raises Eyebrows

VIDEO: Zookeeper Dresses as a Gorilla

A zoo employee in Tokyo who perhaps drew the short stick got into a gorilla-like suit before being tranquilized, captured in a net and placed in the back of a van.

The bizarre episode was all part of an emergency drill conducted at a Tokyo zoo to simulate what would happen if one of the zoo's gorillas really did escape.

"When you're doing everyday work as part of a routine, you forget what it's like when something out of the ordinary happens," said Toshimitsu Doi, the director of the Ueno Zoo, according to the U.K.'s The Telegraph.

The "animal escape" drill was one the zoo reportedly holds every two years to help them cope when a real animal does escape, as a monkey did in 2010.

The drill included the local police and fire departments in addition to the zoo's staff, the Telegraph reports.

"It's important to take these opportunities to remember what needs to be done," Doi said.

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