Latest Sightings: Puppies Take Shelter From Olympics Cull

Hundreds of stray dogs have already been killed in Sochi, Russia, ahead of the Olympic games, but for those that have survived the cull, their tenacity - not to mention cuteness - have made them unofficial mascots.

An effort, paid for by a Russian billionaire, is underway to rescue hundreds of animals before an extermination company can shoot them, but the clock is ticking.

The dogs seem oblivious to their fate, and have showed up throughout the Olympic Village, and even at the event sites.

We'll be keeping an eye on these canine contenders. To see the video below on a mobile device, click here.

According to Russian website Sport Express, this stray found its way onto a cross-country training course and barked at athletes. Three officials on the course, however, didn't seem that bothered or that interested in removing the dog.

UPDATE: ABC News' Matt Gutman spotted these furry guys, who took refuge from the Sochi cull.

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