How Last Place Speed Skater Won Gold Medal

(Image Credit: Quinn Rooney/AP Photo)

China's Li Jianrou wasn't even at the front of the pack in the women's 500 meters short track race today, but she's the new Olympic champion.

Li was the only skater not to fall in the wild final, which made her the first to cross the finish line and win the gold.

Arianna Fontana of Italy took the silver and Park Seung-hi of South Korea earned the bronze medal.

The crash was caused when Elise Christie of Great Britain fell into Fontana during a turn. Both skaters were sent spinning. Park was clipped and lost her balance as she went into the next turn.

Li, who was in last place, went on to cross the finish line first.

"I feel very lucky," she said through a translator. "I cried because I was so excited."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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