Jamaica Hypes Olympics With 'Bobsled Song'

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The tiny country of Jamaica has figured one way to celebrate its Olympic athletes, with their own song and music video.

The Jamaican tourism agency has released a music video in honor of the country's beloved bobsled team.

Called "It's Bobsled Time," the music video inter-cuts cartoon bobsledders with real footage from an actual Jamaican bobsled run, all backed by a cheery tune with lyrics like, "Run the track, it's bobsled time."

The Jamaican bobsled team was immortalized in the 1993 film "Cool Runnings," which documented their Olympic debut at the 1988 Calgary games.

Sochi is their first time back competing in the winter games since 2002. Although a crowd favorite, the team is not expected to medal. After their first run the bobsled team was in 30 th place with three more runs scheduled for Sunday.

The "Bobsled Song" was released in honor of the country's winter Olympic team. (Youtube)

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