Dinging Assad, Dining With Tony Blair: John Kerry's First Tweets

After a hiatus from Twitter, Secretary of State John Kerry is back, using a personal account to share images and bits of conversation from what would otherwise be secret meetings with world leaders.

"It only took a year but @StateDept finally let me have my own @Twitter account. #JKTweetsAgain," Kerry posted on Tuesday.

According to a State Department officially that first tweet was intended to be "tongue in cheek." Kerry has previously tweeted from the department's official @state account, initialing posts he has personally written.

Kerry, the official said, would be held to the same standards all public officials are when using social media, but his comments would not be vetted before publishing.

In one of his first tweets, Kerry called the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "barbaric" and linked to a statement on the use of barrel bombs.

This morning, Kerry posted a photo from a breakfast with former British PM Tony Blair, who is working as a U.N. envoy to the Middle East.

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