Olympic Art, From Watercolors to Etch a Sketch

From Etch a Sketch art to watercolors, Olympics art is proliferating. The Sochi Olympics are serving as a form of artistic inspiration even for the athletes.

Ski jumper Peter Frenette ( @pfSKIJUMPING) is using Twitter to display his artistic talent, tweeting these photos of his fellow teammates.

@pfSKIJUMPING: A nice picture of @TFletchernordic #sochisketches. Stay tuned for more wonderful drawings.


@pfSKIJUMPING: Back for another addition to #sochisketches here we have a Victorian style drawing of @flyingaj #regal #eyelashes


Then there is Greig Leach who is also popular among the athletes. He has painted countless watercolors of every winter Olympic sports. (His Facebook page can be viewed HERE)

@MacBohonnon Wonderful! Just wonderful! Enjoy this too. More @ http://facebook.com/greigsart #aerial #skiing #Olympics2014 pic.twitter.com/SDNakHjfLM

"Learning Curve" Courtesy of Greig Leach and Richeson Art

"The Tightest Line" Courtesy of Greig Leach and Richeson Art

"Launching the Triple" Courtesy of Greig Leach and Richeson Art

Emily Loughry expresses her artistic talent in a more uncommon way. "I am no artist with pen and paper but I do fairly well with the Etch A Sketch," she writes on her Facebook page.

The athletes love it. Emily tweeted this etch a sketch of snowboarder Kelly Clark.

@28etcher: My mini etch a sketch picture depicting @Kellyclarkfdn #olympics #tookonly5minutes pic.twitter.com/Si9f1XlPKU

Snowboarder Kelly Clark

An extremely impressed Kelly Clark tweeting back, "This is amazing!"

Some more of Emily's sketches include ice dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis and snowboarder Shaun White.

Ice dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis

Snowboarder Shaun White

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