Fake Chef Fools Local TV Stations into Eating Gravy Smoothies, Mashed Potato Ice Cream Cones

Chef Kieth Guerke had some bizarre recipes for holiday leftovers when he appeared on a slew of local Wisconsin morning shows during the 2013 holiday season: a ham, pie, and gravy smoothie as well as mashed potato ice cream cones.

Long after all the morning anchors gamely slurped down the smoothies and tried the ice cream cones, comedians Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett revealed on their website, FoundFootageFest.com, that Chef Keith was definitely not real. Nor was his book, "Leftovers Right: Making a Winner of Last Night's Dinner."

The TV shows' real guest was simply Prueher donning a chef's hat.

Prueher and Pickett are the Wisconsin-born, New York-based duo behind the Found Footage Festival, a comedic film festival that showcases old VHS tapes and awkward videos the pair find at garage sales, thrift stores, and Dumpsters.

"We've been best friends since sixth grade and have been doing stupid things like this ever since," Prueher told ABC News today. "It was surprisingly easy."

Prueher said that after the pair had gone on local morning shows to support the Found Footage Festival, they realized how easy it would to con their way on for other segments, such as a cooking one. They crafted a fake press release, sent it to seven local stations in Wisconsin and were invited by all of them.

"The thing that shocked me the most was people were actually trying the stuff," Prueher said. "[Pickett] kept pushing me to take it further and further and I thought, 'They're not going to go for it, but they just kept going for it.' So I had this week old milk jug of gravy and I was pouring it on cold KFC mashed potatoes and the news anchor tried it and I couldn't believe it. They really put a brave face on for TV."

"It was a fairly harmless," he said. "I helped mop up the spilled milk."

The duo are currently on a worldwide tour to promote the 10th anniversary of their Found Footage Festival.

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