Mr. Met Joins Twitter, and Other Mascots Hit on His Wife

Mr. Met, the mascot of baseball's New York Mets, joined Twitter Monday. But instead of it being a happy, proud moment, the occasion allowed other MLB mascots to hit on Mr. Met's "wife," Mrs. Met.

Sluggerrr, the Kansas City Royals mascot, wondered why Mrs. Met hasn't called him back.

"She purr-furs a real man," Mr. Met responded.

Southpaw, The Chicago White Sox mascot, posted a photo of himself (itself?!) with Mrs. Met, calling Sluggerrr a "stalker."

Slider, the furry mascot of the Cleveland Indians, also jumped into the conversation, sharing an image from last year's All-Star Game, which was held at the Mets' stadium, Citi Field.

But oh, Mrs. Met … San Francisco's Lou Seal defended Sluggerrr, hinting at Mrs. Met's flirtatious ways. "Your girl was talking to everyone in NY last summer," Lou Seal wrote.

Despite the attention, Mr. and Mrs. Met remain an item, enduring extra-marital mascot pressures and fears of another long Mets season.

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