Awwww: Baby Cheetahs Debut at Richmond Zoo

VIDEO: The five cubs born last October are going to their full-time home at the Metro Richmond Zoo.

Can you believe that these little cuties will grow up to be the fastest land animal in the world?

Baby cheetahs Lana, Richie, Rico, Chester, Amelia and Hannah made their debut at the Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia today, delighting zoo-goers who have been anticipating their coming-out party since their birth in October.

Right now, the 5-month-old cubs are still much smaller than their mother, ranging in weight from 31.4 pounds to 36.6 pounds. But the healthy cubs have certainly grown from the tiny balls of fluff they once were.

The Metro Richmond Zoo put cubs Richie, Rico, Chester, Amelia, and Hanna on display for the first time April 1, 2014. (Courtesy Metro Richmond Zoo)

(Photo Credit: Metro Richmond Zoo/Facebook)

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