Male Cop Transforms Into Amish Woman in Sting to Catch Sexual Predator

(Image Credit: Pulaski Township Police Department/Facebook)

Sgt. Chad Adams of the Pulaski Township Police Department in Pennsylvania makes a pretty convincing woman.

The veteran cop donned a traditional Amish bonnet, dress and apron in January while working undercover to catch a reported pervert who had been exposing himself to Amish children walking home from school.

"Sometimes being a police officer means going undercover and doing what you have to do to catch the bad guy," Adams wrote on his department's Facebook page.

Adams had a real-life female partner in the operation, an officer from Wampum, Pa., and told the New Castle News he and the other officer would walk along the road in hopes the reported reep would approach them.

It turns out luck was not a lady, as Adams did not catch the reported creep in action. However, he said authorities believe the perpetrator was later arrested in another county.

"I wanted to share with you that we will use all means available to try and protect our children," Adams wrote. "That includes dressing up as an Amish woman to attempt to apprehend a pervert!"

(Image Credit: Pulaski Township Police Department/Facebook)

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