Innovative Thief "Slides" His Way to a Stolen Wallet

Houston cops release video of a man suspected of stealing a womans purse at a gas station.

A criminal in Houston, Texas, was caught on tape stealing a woman's purse by sliding in and out of her car unnoticed at a gas station.

Surveillance video released by Houston police department shows a suspect pulling up in an SUV next to the alleged victim's car while the car's driver was pumping gas.

The male suspect climbs out of the passenger side of his car and enters the passenger door of the woman's car, sliding across the seat to steal the purse and then sliding back out of the door and into his SUV before the woman notices.

Houston police say it's not the first time this suspect has used this tactic to rob cars at gas stations. He's wanted in four other similar incidents in the Houston area dating back to December.

Police are still looking for the suspect, described as a heavy set man about 5-foot-9 with a beard. He was driving a Toyota Highlander.

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