Crack the NSA's Coded Tweet and a Promising Career May Await You

(Paul J. Richards/Getty Images)

Even in the world of cryptic tweets, this one was out there: tpfccdlfdtte pcaccplircdt dklpcfrp?

What initially seemed like an accidental tweet from an NSA office on Monday had deeper - and characteristically for the agency, secretive - meaning.

Asked about the content and context of the tweet from @NSACareers, the NSA told ABC News that it was what many people online had already guessed: a code.

"As part of our recruitment efforts to attract the best and the brightest, we will post mission-related coded Tweets on Mondays in the month of May," an NSA spokesperson said.

Despite jokes about a potential "butt-dial" or a drunk tweet, the NSA assured that it was intentional, and added that it wasn't even a new effort.

"[@NSACareers] have posted coded Tweets before. This is not a new initiative."

The code has already been broken, but can you figure it out?

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