Musician Cancels Big Break Tour to Donate Kidney to Ex-Fiancé

Daniel Burdick canceled a national music tour in order to help the mother of his child.

Daniel Burdick and Sabrina Timms ended their engagement because Timms was ready to settle down while Burdick refused to give up his dream of a career as a singer/songwriter.

Burdick recently got his big break and was about to go on a national tour, but in a twist that is fit for a song, he has put it hold because he was found to be a rare perfect match for Timms - who desperately needed a kidney donation

"That tour was my biggest dream," Burdick, who has been trying to break in to the music business for 13 years, told ABC News affiliate KGO.

Timms, who was diagnosed with double kidney failure in January 2013, shares a daughter named Hope with Burdick. The couple also parent Timms' older daughter, Sierra. Despite the kids, the couple who live in Petaluma, Calif., decided to end their relationship.

Daniel Burdick, left, will donate a kidney to his ex-fiance Sabrina Timms, right, next Tuesday. KGO

"We had a difference of opinions about what we wanted for the future," Timms, 35, told KGO. "I wanted to settle down."

"She would rather have us get married and have a normal life and a family," Burdick, 30, told ABC News today. "I have no objection to having a normal life and being a father but I've had this dream since I was a kid. I decided I would rather follow my dreams than be in a relationship."

Despite their split, the pair remain good friends and co-parents.

After her diagnosis in 2013, Timms went on dialysis and found herself on the list to find a suitable donor. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 122,882 people are currently waiting for an organ and 18 people will die each day waiting for an organ.

Burdick was among the friends and family members doctors tested for a donor match, and wound up being a perfect candidate to donate a kidney to his former fiancé. The odds of him being a biological match were slim. The Department of Surgery and Columbia University says that even siblings have just a 25 percent chance of being an "exact match" for a living donor and a 50 percent chance of being a "half-match."

He will donate that kidney next Tuesday, giving up a national music tour, which is the very thing he ended his relationship to pursue. It will take Burdick about a year to completely recover from the surgery.

The tour Burdick dropped out of was going to play in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

"I decided it would be safer for Sabrina to receive my kidney sooner than later," he said.

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