12-Year-Old Thwarts Florida Burglary With 911 Call

VIDEO: 12-Year-Old Calls 911 During Burglary

A 12-year-old Florida girl is being credited with quick thinking for calling 911 and scaring off burglars who were robbing her home while she hid in a back room.

"There's someone breaking into my home and I'm all alone," Kylie Bell told a 911 operator Monday afternoon after she heard glass breaking in her Pinecrest, Fla., home.

Kylie says she first called her mom when she heard a "weird" noise and her mom told her to call 911.

As Kylie spoke to the 911 operator, Niurka Torres, the intruders made their way to the home's master bedroom, where they nabbed almost $1,400 worth of jewelry and valuables, according to authorities.

Kylie managed to sneak a good look at the intruders and give Torres a detailed description.

"They were black and then the top they were wearing a suit and it was blue on the top and black on the bottom and they had a phone. I think it was pink," Kylie says on the 911 call.

"I don't know what to do and I'm scared," she adds.

Torres said she focused on keeping Kylie calm as police made their way to her home.

"When I started to hear her fear in her voice, that's when I started to tell her to remain calm, we're almost there, officers are right around the corner," Torres recalled.

Police arrived just two minutes after Kylie placed her 911 call and the suspects fled, dropping the valuables in the process.

Police dashcam video captured a getaway car, a Chevrolet Malibu, that had an Illinois license plate, authorities told local ABC affiliate WPLG.

Police said they are still looking for the suspects. Two other homes in the same neighborhood as Kylie's home were also robbed on Monday, according to police.

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