Golfer Scattering Car Chase Under Police Review

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Three police cars that chased a wanted suspect in a truck through a crowded golf course, scattering duffers and golf carts and leaving skidmarks, have become the subject of an internal investigation, police in Moorhead, Minn., said today.

The suspect eluded the cops after a chase through the length of the course and the driving range, but was caught later at a mall in Fargo, N.D., police said.

"We know that officers on the golf course is alarming and concerning," Moorhead Police Lt. Tory Jacobson told ABC News.

He said the officers' decision to pursue the suspect through across the golf course is being reviewed.

Moorhead police were alerted that suspect Kendall Feist, 33, was in the area and wanted for several felony warrants filed by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation on Tuesday night, Jacobson said.

Kendall Feist, pictured in an undated photo provided by the Cass County Jail in Fargo, North Dakota. Cass County Jail

When police tried to stop Feist, he took off and the officers gave chase. Three cars and a helicopter were involved in the pursuit, police said.

Feist became trapped in a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood adjacent to the golf course, golf pro Russ Nelson said.

"A homeowner came outside and she told me the car went right by her yard near the eighth hole," Nelson said.

The suspect drove through both the front and back nine as well as the driving range, he said.

An estimated 100 to 150 golfers were on the course at the time and many had to scatter ahead of the siren blaring chase, Nelson said, but many people were scared.

"The golf course was busy at the time," golf course superintendent Rick Dauner told ABC News. "It's not something you expect to hear a police chase across your golf course."

Nobody was injured during the chase and the golf course experienced only minor damage.

"Certainly as the officer is attempting this traffic stop the situation is changing," Jacobson said. "It's their responsibility to make that complex decision."

Jacobson said it's the responsibility of the officers involved in the pursuit to assess the safety of the situation, as well as their supervisor who is hearing updates through broadcasts. The supervisor terminated the pursuit when it was broadcast that the chase had led to the golf course, Jacobson said, however, the chase had already spilled on to the course by that time.

"Everyone wants an end result and we don't have that right now," Jacobson said. "It will take some time."

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