Mayor Admits to Being Bag Man, Cops Investigating

The mayor of San Marino, Calif., has admitted leaving a bag of dog poop on a neighbor's sidewalk, but even though the neighbor does not want to press charges the cops are still sniffing around the case.

The police have obtained a home surveillance video that allegedly shows Mayor Dennis Kneier putting the doggie bag on Philip Lao's sidewalk.

"On Monday June 9, 2014 the San Marino Police Department spoke with the resident who indicated he is not desirous of prosecution; however, the Police Department is considering this matter under investigation at this time," the police said in a statement.

Lao went to the cops June 7 after he and his wife returned from a walk and found a plastic bag of dog feces on their sidewalk. They checked their home surveillance video tape. Police said that after reviewing the video which monitors the exterior of the residence, the Laos identified "their neighbor Mr. Dennis Kneier as the person who had placed the plastic bag on their walkway."

Kneier admitted to being the bag man.

"Rather than leave it or dispose of it properly, I placed it on your side walkway. This was a mistake, for which I apologize. It won't happen again," Kneier said in a statement he shared with KABC.

Neither Mayor Kneier nor Lao responded to ABC News' requests for a comment on the matter.

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