Obama and Putin Face-to-Face Draws Cheers and Chuckles

VIDEO: Video broadcasted of the two presidents was met with audience laughter at Sword Beach ceremony.

President Obama and President Putin smiled slightly today as they were surprised to find themselves side-by-side at the D-Day anniversary ceremony - courtesy of a jumbo split screen - and the watching crowd laughed and cheered.

Obama was shaking hands with elderly veterans of the D-Day invasion when the operator of the jumbo screen featured the Russian president. A ripple of chuckling and cheers spread through the veterans, their families and dignitaries. Obama ended his hand shaking while asking "What's happening?" and headed to the podium, taking his place several dignitaries away from Putin.

President Obama and Putin Talk at D-Day Ceremony

The jumbo screen then went to a split of Putin and Obama, prompting laughter and more cheers from the crowd.

After a second, both presidents realized what was causing the stir. Obama looked to his left at Putin with a wry smile on his face.

Putin looked to his right with just the hint of a grin.

On screen, the two were almost nose to nose.

After a couple seconds of eye contact, Obama and Putin looked away while the cheers continued.

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