WATCH: Boyfriend Proposes to Girlfriend in a World Cup Commercial

VIDEO: See the World Cup Commercial One Man Used to Propose

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Nick Bastress is getting a lot of attention for his impressive proposal to his long-time girlfriend Nicole: a commercial he shot that aired during the U.S.-Portugal game on Sunday night.

Bastress wanted to stun his girlfriend, who he met at Texas State University, and he figured a commercial during the high-profile game was the perfect opportunity.

"I work for Time Warner, helping companies share their stories through TV commercials. 'I could throw this together,' I thought," Bastress told ABC News.

The commercial, which Bastress shot in the home he shares with Nicole, took seven months of planning.

"I had to get an advertising agency to help me with everything, and we drew up ideas on storyboards," he said.

In the ad, Bastress promises to prepare his girlfriend nightly dinners, clean the house and play with her cat - despite the fact that he is a dog person.

Bastress admitted that he was nervous his girlfriend might miss the commercial, and tricked her into thinking he was an extra in a regular commercial so she would not miss it during a bathroom break.

"She didn't cry because she was so shocked," he said. "I mean this girl will cry at a 30-second Google commercial, but she was just too shocked."

Nicole's favorite part, according to Bastress, is the scene in which Nick promises to clean the house while playing video games.

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