"World News" is the Only Program Up in the Demo for the Quarter (+7%) Compared to Last Year

"World News" Delivers Best 2nd Quarter Total Viewership and Demo Since 2011

For the Week, "World New" Delivers the Highest Growth in Total Viewers (+10) and the Demo (+6%) from the Year-Ago Week

"World News" is the Only Evening Broadcast to Improve in Total Viewership and the Demo from Last Year and Last Week

2Q 2014:

" ABC World News with Diane Sawyer" won the 2nd Quarter 2014 in Adults 25-54 (1.980 million), according to Nielsen Media Research. Leading NBC's "Nightly News" (1.964 million) by 16,000 demo viewers, "World News" delivered its first victory for any quarter in more than 6 years and first win during a 2nd quarter in 7 years - since 1Q08 and 2Q07, respectively.

In Total Viewers, "World News" narrowed its margins with "Nightly News" compared to the previous quarter (-48% - 682,000 vs. 1.317 million for 1Q14) and the year-ago quarter (-13% - 682,000 vs. 786,000 for 2Q13). In fact, cutting its year-ago 2nd quarter margin for the 3rd year in a row, "World News" posted its closest 2Q Total Viewer performance with "Nightly News" in 4 years - since 2Q10.

"World News" built on the year-ago quarter (7.249 million and 1.846 million for 2Q13) in both Total Viewers (+5%) and Adults 25-54 (+7%) to see its strongest 2Q performance in 3 years - since 2Q11. In addition, the ABC evening newscast improved the most in overall viewers, while standing as the only evening newscast to grow in the key adult news demo compared to "CBS Evening News" (+2%/-6%) and "NBC Nightly News" (+3%/-8%).

For the 2nd quarter, "World News" out-delivered the "CBS Evening News" by its largest quarter margins in nearly 2 years Total Viewers (+1.325 million) and more than 4 years in Adults 25-54 (+482,000) - since 3Q12 and 4Q09, respectively.

Week of June 23, 2014:

For the week of June 23, 2014, " ABC World News with Diane Sawyer" averaged 7.340 million Total Viewers and a 1.6 rating/7 share/1.861 million in Adults 25-54, according to Nielsen Media Research. "World News" improved on the previous week (6.979 million and 1.793 million, respectively, for w/o 6/16/14) in Total Viewers (+5%) and Adults 25-54 (+4%). In fact, "World News" stood as the only evening program to grow week to week in both measures as "CBS Evening News" (-3%/-7%) was down, while "NBC Nightly News" (-1%/+5%) was mixed.

For the 5th straight week, "World News" built on the year-ago week in both Total Viewers (+10%) and Adults 25-54 (+6%) - 6.664 million and 1.761 million respectively, on w/o 6/24/13. In fact, "World News" grew the most from the same week last year in both measures compared to "CBS Evening News" (-4%/-11%) and "NBC Nightly News" (+6%/+3%). Further, "World News" has turned in year-to-year increases in both measures in 8 of the last 10 weeks.

"World News" ranked No. 1 twice during the week in Adults 25-54, leading "NBC Nightly News" by 23,000 demo viewers on Wednesday (2.088 million vs. 2.065 million) and by 236,000 demo viewers on Friday (1.766 million vs. 1.530 million).

"World News" narrowed its Total Viewers margin with "NBC Nightly News" nearly in half (-40% - 604,000 vs. 1.013 million).

"World News" cut its year-to-year gaps with "NBC Nightly News" in both Total Viewers (-25% - 604,000 vs. 805,000) and Adults 25-54 (-50% - 50,000 vs. 101,000).

Season to date, "World News" is up versus the same point last season in both Total Viewers (+4%) and Adults 25-54 (+5%), delivering its most-watched season in 6 years and best news demo number in 3 years - since the 2007-08 and the 2010-11 seasons, respectively. "World News" also stands as the only evening newscast to improve on its news demo performance from the previous season compared to "CBS Evening News" (-5%) and "NBC Nightly News" (-2%).

In addition, "World News" is narrowing its season margin with "NBC Nightly News" in Adults 25-54 nearly in half (-49% - 162,000 vs. 315,000) compared to its season margin from the same point last year. In fact, cutting its Adults 25-54 gap for the 3rd consecutive season, "World News" is seeing its closest news demo performance with the NBC program in 6 years - since the 2007-08 season.

"World News" has nearly doubled its Adults 25-54 lead over "CBS Evening News" versus its year-ago season lead (+89% - 403,000 vs. 213,000).

For the week, "ABC World News" beat the "CBS Evening News" by 1.489 million Total Viewers and by 508,000 Adults 25-54.

"ABC World News with Diane Sawyer" airs at 6:30 p.m., ET on the ABC Television Network. Michael Corn is the executive producer of the broadcast. Follow Diane Sawyer and the "World News" team online: @DianeSawyer; @ABCWorldNews; facebook.com/DianeSawyer; facebook.com/WorldNews.

EVENING NEWS (2nd Quarter 2014)

ABC WORLD NEWS 7,594,000 1.7/7; 1,980,000 1.1/5; 1,381,000 5.1/11
NBC NIGHTLY NEWS 8,276,000 1.6/7; 1,964,000 1.2/6; 1,464,000 5.5/11
CBS EVENING NEWS 6,269,000 1.3/5; 1,498,000 0.8/4; 1,036,000 4.2/ 9

EVENING NEWS (Week of June 23, 2014)

ABC WORLD NEWS 7,340,000 1.6/7; 1,861,000 1.0/5; 1,259,000 4.9/10
NBC NIGHTLY NEWS 7,944,000 1.6/7; 1,911,000 1.1/5; 1,397,000 5.3/11
CBS EVENING NEWS 5,851,000 1.1/5; 1,353,000 0.8/4; 965,000 3.5/ 8

Source: The Nielsen Company, NTI Total Viewers, Adults 25-54 and Adults 18-49 Live + SD weeks of 6/23/14, 6/16/14 and 6/24/13. Most Current: 2013-2014 Season (9/23/13 - 6/29/14) and 2012-2013 Season (9/24/12 - 6/30/13). Most Current - 2Q14: 3/31 - 6/29/14. 1Q14: 12/30/13 - 3/30/14. 2Q13: 4/1 - 6/30/13. All averages based on regular telecasts.

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