Yahoo-ABC News Network Delivers More Total Page Views to More Unique Users Than Any Other Online News Source

Video Traffic on Desktop Surges in June with Total Video Views Up 38% YOY

ABC News Mobile Page Views Up 47% MOM and 94% YOY

For 29 consecutive months the Yahoo-ABC News Network continued to lead the way as the #1 source of news and information online, providing more total page views to more unique visitors than any other news source, according to desktop-only data provided by comScore. In June the Yahoo-ABC News Network celebrated another month as the premier source of news online, delivering 1.9 billion page views to 62 million unique visitors.

From Diane Sawyer's exclusive interview with Hillary Clinton and Barbara Walters' exclusive sit down with Peter Rodger to Katie Couric's headline grabbing interview with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair live from the Aspen Ideas Festival and Olivier Knox's exclusive look inside President Obama's secret schedule, the Yahoo-ABC News Network continues to captivate unique users and viewers anytime and anywhere they crave the news. Video traffic across the combined network remained strong throughout the month of June, with total video views on desktop up 38% from June 2013 to June 2014. In addition, ABC News mobile video growth continued last month with mobile video views ticking upward from May to June 2014. (Source: Omniture, 2014)

Page Views:

In June the combined network delivered a total of 1.9 billion page views for the month, surpassing:

  • Yahoo-ABC News Network ( 1.9 billion)
  • CNN Network by 25% (1.5 billion)
  • HPMG News by 129% (849 million)
  • Fox News Digital Network 161% (745 million)
  • NBC News Digital by 170% (719 million)
  • CBS News by 326% (455 million)
  • New York Times Digital 326% (456 million)

(Source: comScore, June 2014)

Unique Visitors:

62 million unique visitors turned to the Yahoo-ABC News Network in June for breaking news, live hourly updates and exclusive interviews, outpacing:

  • Yahoo-ABC News Network (62 million)
  • CNN Network by 2% (61 million)
  • HPMG News by 21% (51 million)
  • NBC News Digital by 41% (44 million)
  • Fox News Digital Network by 134% (26 million)
  • New York Times Digital by 126% (27 million)
  • CBS News by 152% (25 million)

(Source: comScore, June 2014) on Yahoo:

As America's #1 morning news show website, on Yahoo also remained #1 in the video space in June, delivering almost 30 million video views. Additionally, 13 million unique visitors turned to on Yahoo last month for the latest breaking news, health, entertainment and lifestyle content 24/7.

(Source: comScore Media Metrix Key Measures, June 2014)

ABC News Mobile:

ABC News Mobile traffic continued to increase throughout the month of June. Mobile unique users and mobile page views increased 16% and 47% respectively from May 2014 to June 2014. Due to high volumes of PhoneWeb traffic, mobile unique users actually surpassed desktop unique users in June. Additionally, total mobile video views also increased last month, up 10% from May 2014 to June 2014 and up 194% from June 2013 to June 2014. ABC News Mobile also experienced a surge in Android unique users month over month, up 172% from May 2014 to June 2014.

(Source: Omniture, 2014)


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