Mar 11, 2014 6:19pm

Iranians With Stolen Passports on Malaysia Flight Clear US Terror Databases

U.S. authorities have run the identities of the Iranian men who used stolen passports to board the doomed Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 through available terrorism and criminal databases and have come up with no “hits” on either of the two men, U.S. officials told ABC… Read More »

Mar 10, 2014 6:00pm

Snowden: Wasted Surveillance Resources May Have Stopped Boston Bombing

National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden said today that rather than helping combat terrorism, the U.S. government’s massive surveillance programs have led to “tremendous intelligence failures” and may have contributed to allowing the deadly Boston Marathon bombing to have taken place. “We’re monitoring everybody’s communications,… Read More »

Mar 6, 2014 11:48am

Video Purportedly Shows Syrian Jihadi Group Using Kids as Flag Bearers

Two young boys stand in front of a column of adult fighters clad in all black, one boy attempting to look as serious as his baby-face will allow, the other absentmindedly fiddling with the black flag of jihad he holds in front of him. The… Read More »

Feb 28, 2014 11:22am

Report: Hackers Lured Victims With Sochi Terrorism Fears

In the wake of a series of deadly bombings in the region, a direct threat from a major terrorist leader and a stream of sobering warnings from American security experts, computer users could be forgiven for taking an interest in an email with the subject… Read More »

Feb 19, 2014 7:25pm

Terrorists Still Working on Shoe Bombs, Feds Warn

Terrorists are still looking for ways to smuggle explosives-laden shoes and other bomb-packed items onto planes., the Department of Homeland Security has warned U.S. and other airlines. The U.S. government recently obtained intelligence boosting concerns about such threats, sources told ABC News. Though the intelligence… Read More »

Feb 10, 2014 8:40pm

Inside Saipan’s Industry of ‘American-Born Chinese Babies’

The tropical island of Saipan is experiencing a baby boom. Saipan is part of the Northern Mariana Islands, a tiny U.S. territory just four hours away from China by plane. It’s popular with tourists, because no visa is required for visits up to 45 days…. Read More »

Feb 10, 2014 7:59am

US: Don’t Fly Caribbean Airlines From Guyana Today After ‘Unconfirmed Threat’

Americans in Guyana should avoid Caribbean Airlines for the next couple days after the U.S. learned of an “unconfirmed threat” relating to the airline, the U.S. State Department said today. “Out of an abundance of caution, the Embassy advises all U.S. citizens in Guyana traveling… Read More »

Feb 8, 2014 2:18pm

West Virginia Sen. Rockefeller Won’t OK Charleston Water a Month After Spill

WASHINGTON — Sen. Jay Rockefeller doesn’t believe the tap water for 300,000 in West Virginia is safe to use a month after a massive chemical spill in his state put it at risk. And with ongoing uncertainty over the water supply in Kanawha Valley, the… Read More »

By Cho Park

Jan 28, 2014 5:02pm

NJ Calf Slaughter Plant Shuttered After Hidden Camera Investigation

Federal inspectors last week temporarily shut down a New Jersey veal processing facility after hidden camera footage emerged which appeared to show unethical treatment of animals. The U.S. Department of Agriculture wrote in a letter to the Catelli Brothers slaughterhouse in Shrewsbury, New Jersey that… Read More »

Jan 24, 2014 5:10pm

Top 6 Weirdest TSA Discoveries in 2013: Human Skull, Ninja Stars

In their quest to protect the American skies, TSA agents, like law enforcement officials the world over, end up dealing with some weird stuff – like when someone tried to check a human skull through security. As part of its review of 2013, the TSA… Read More »