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(Courtesy: Rolling Stone)

Never has a pope had so much in common with a rock star.

Pope Francis, who is known for his independent streak and for captivating crowds, has landed the February 2014 cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

“The times they are a-changin’ at the Vatican,” Rolling Stone declared in the headline, offering a look “inside the Pope’s gentle revolution.”

Since his election last March, Pope Francis, 77, has emerged as an endearing figure known for his humility and desire to build a more inclusive church.

Eager to focus less on divisive social issues such as abortion, Francis describes his church as “a field hospital after a battle” in which he must minister to everyone.

He’s also created some picture-perfect moments during his first year as pope, from donning a silly red clown nose to giving a little boy who wandered onstage during a homily a playful pat on the head.


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Pope Blasts Selfishness and Corruption in Slum Visit http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/07/pope-blasts-selfishness-and-corruption-in-slum-visit/ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/07/pope-blasts-selfishness-and-corruption-in-slum-visit/#comments Thu, 25 Jul 2013 17:03:19 +0000 Alexander Marquardt http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/?p=488280 AP pope francis visits rio brazil slums thg 130725 16x9 608 Pope Blasts Selfishness and Corruption in Slum Visit

Victor R. Caivano/AP Photo

RIO DE JANEIRO – The man who has become known as the “people’s pope” lived up to the title today as he called on Catholics during his first foreign trip to forego selfishness and materialism in favor of charity and sacrifice.

Pope Francis delivered a speech on the fourth day of his trip during a stop at one of Rio de Janeiro’s infamous slums, known as favelas. The visit to the Varghina favela, once notorious for being one of the most violent shantytowns in the city, also highlighted the security fears that have grown during this trip around a pope who thinks little of diving into large crowds and tries at every outing to be as accessible as possible.

“Everybody, according to his or her particular opportunities and responsibilities, should be able to make a personal contribution to putting an end to so many social injustices,” the pope said in his speech at a packed soccer field. “The culture of selfishness and individualism that often prevails in our society is not what builds up and leads to a more habitable world…”

It was a continuation of the theme of the pope’s first mass in Brazil on Wednesday in which he called on young people to reject the “ephemeral idols” of “money, success, power, pleasure” that take the place of God.

The pope arrived today in the favela to a festive atmosphere of loud music and dancing. He transferred from his simple Fiat car to the open jeep serving as his “popemobile,” a notable departure from the bulletproof vehicles that predecessors John Paul II and Benedict XVI used on foreign trips. John Paul II was shot in an open jeep in 1981 as he circled the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square.

Going a step farther, Pope Francis got out of the jeep to greet people on foot, even going into a home in the favela.

Varghina was “pacified” by the police in 2012, who ousted the violent gangs that roamed there. But the visit emphasized not just Pope Francis’ desire to reach out to the poor – a hallmark of his young papacy and his career – but the security concerns that have themselves become a story amid this Latin American pope’s visit to the most Catholic country in the world.

The fears were ignited before the pope even arrived when a homemade bomb was found at the shrine of Brazil’s patron saint, Our Lady of Aparecida, just days before the pope was to visit. Then, shortly after landing in Rio, the pope’s driver took a wrong turn and the little vehicle – with its windows open – was mobbed by adoring supporters reaching out to touch the pope as guards tried frantically to push them back.

“We are not worried about security.  The worry is that the enthusiasm is so big that honestly it is hard to respond to so much enthusiasm,” the pope’s spokesman said Monday night.

Indeed, Pope Francis has shown no sign of giving up his trademark habit of hugging and kissing as many worshippers as possible, a practice that has endeared him to many of the Church’s faithful.

“I think there is a greater shift towards vigor and excitement for the faith,” said Megan James, 24, visiting from Texas. “I really do feel like there has been a change…I believe that with him being here that we’ll see a greater shift towards humility and putting others first.”

In another major test of security, this afternoon the pope will attend an event on Rio’s famous Copacabana beach to welcome him to World Youth Day that will include a prayer service and musical acts, expected to draw around one million worshippers.


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Who Wore It Best: Papal Edition http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/03/who-wore-it-best-papal-edition/ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/03/who-wore-it-best-papal-edition/#comments Wed, 13 Mar 2013 21:15:13 +0000 ABC News http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/?p=471914  

gty pope francis pope benedict xiv lpl 130313 blog Who Wore It Best: Papal EditionMoments after his election today, the newly named Pope Francis was dressed in the white vestments unique to the highest office in Catholicism.

The pope is allowed to decide just how decked out he wants to get – choosing from dozens of items, including shoes, hats, capes and even crowns.

When he was elected in 2005, Benedict XVI sported a red mozzetta, or short shoulder cape. Francis opted for white.  Both men appear to be wearing the same crimson and gold-embroidered stole.

So we ask you: Who wore it best?

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Can a Voting Cardinal Skip Papal Conclave? http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/02/can-a-voting-cardinal-skip-the-papal-conclave/ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/02/can-a-voting-cardinal-skip-the-papal-conclave/#comments Mon, 25 Feb 2013 16:34:43 +0000 David Wright http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/?p=469958 gty obrien mi 130225 wblog Can a Voting Cardinal Skip Papal Conclave?

(Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

ROME–Today’s British Cardinal Keith O’Brien announced he will not be attending the conclave. But, as a prince of the church, can he refuse to do so?

As of today, the pope accepted O’Brien’s resignation as Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh. But O’Brien retains the title of cardinal and is eligible to vote in the conclave.

He made it clear he does not intend to do so.

READ MORE: Cardinal resigns amid sex allegations

“I will not join them for this Conclave in person,” O’Brien said in a statement. “I do not wish media attention in Rome to be focused on me – but rather on Pope Benedict XVI and on his Successor.”

The Vatican has insisted all week that attendance is mandatory. Electing the new pope, officials have said, is one of a cardinal’s most important, most sacred jobs and no “political or worldly issues” should keep him from it.

The issue has come up repeatedly in the context of the church abuse scandal. Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, Irish Cardinal Sean Brady and others have faced intense pressure in their communities to recuse themselves on moral grounds, amid evidence they covered up for pedophile priests.

President Obama’s outgoing ambassador to the Holy See Miguel Diaz reportedly said yesterday that Mahony should, “reflect on the example set by the pope.”

“He certainly has the legal right to vote in the Conclave,” Diaz told Italy’s La Stampa. “But the Pope also had the right to continue as Pope but instead chose to step down.”

To do so would certainly be unusual. During the last conclave Cardinal Bernard Law’s participation was the focus of vehement protests. But he took his place in the Sistine Chapel nonetheless. (Law is now 81, too old to vote this year.)

But does canon law allow an eligible cardinal – such as O’Brien, Mahony or Brady – not to attend?

The answer appears to be yes, and not just because of medical emergency.

Typically, only cardinals with incapacitating illness are excused from their duties to attend the conclave. Last week Cardinal Julius Darmaatmadja of Indonesia begged off for precisely that reason, bringing the number of voting cardinals (under age 80) to 116.

In the past, voting cardinals from remote archdiocese also missed the occasional conclave because of the difficulties of travel. The Vatican adopted the 15-20 day rule, which was in force until today, to accommodate American cardinals traveling long distance to get here. (The advent of air travel has obviously made that less of an issue.)

Faced with repeated questions about cardinals embroiled in scandal, Vatican officials have insisted those are the only reasons for cardinal electors to miss an election.

Amended rules issued today by Pope Benedict call attention to an article in the Apostolic Constitution Universi Domenici Gregis, the rules governing a papal vacancy and election.

These rules do anticipate the circumstance of a cardinal refusing to take part in a papal election for reasons other than illness.

Under Paragraph 40, there’s this:

If a Cardinal with the right to vote should refuse to enter Vatican City in order to take part in the election, or subsequently, once the election has begun, should refuse to remain in order to discharge his office, without manifest reason of illness attested to under oath by doctors and confirmed by a majority of the electors, the other Cardinals shall proceed freely with the election, without waiting for him or readmitting him.

The paragraph goes on to say if the cardinal leaves for medical reasons — or “for some grave reason acknowledged as such by the majority of electors” — and later wants to come back, the conclave must readmit him.

So it appears O’Brien can indeed give the conclave a miss if he feels he’ll be a distraction. The question now: What about Mahony and Brady?

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Results of ‘Vatileaks’ Probe For ‘Pope’s Eyes Only’ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/02/results-of-vatileaks-probe-for-popes-eyes-only/ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/02/results-of-vatileaks-probe-for-popes-eyes-only/#comments Mon, 25 Feb 2013 14:05:11 +0000 David Wright http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/?p=469946 ROME – Pope Benedict XVI decided to keep secret the contents of an investigative report on the “Vatileaks” scandal, ruling that the only person who will get to see it will be the next pope.

The top secret dossier details the findings of an internal investigation the pope launched last April into the so-called Vatileaks affair, in which Benedict’s former butler leaked confidential documents stolen from the papal chambers.

Italian newspapers have claimed — without attribution — that the investigation revealed a sex and blackmail scandal inside the curia.

The Vatican spokesman today underscored that the contents of the dossier are known only to the pope and his investigators, three elderly prelates whom the Italian papers have nicknamed “the 007 cardinals.”

Pope Benedict met today with Cardinals Julian Herranz of Spain, Jozef Tomko of Slovakia, and Salvatore De Giorgi of Sicily in a private audience.

According to the Vatican, the pope thanked them for their work and expressed satisfaction with their investigation.

“Their work made it possible to detect, given the limitations and imperfections of the human factor of every institution, the generosity and dedication of those who work with uprightness and generosity in the Holy See,” read a Vatican statement.

The Vatican statement pointedly added: “The Holy Father has decided that the acts of this investigation, known only to himself, remain solely at the disposition of the new pope.”

Many here had expected the investigating cardinals, who are too old to participate in the conclave, would brief the voting cardinals about their findings.

Today Vatican officials clarified the investigating cardinals will be free to discuss their investigation with the other cardinals, as the voting members of the conclave seek to understand the challenges the next pope will face.

But the dossier itself will remain “For the Pope’s Eyes Only.”


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‘God’s Bank’ and Its New Boss http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/02/gods-bank-and-its-new-boss/ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/02/gods-bank-and-its-new-boss/#comments Fri, 15 Feb 2013 19:59:43 +0000 David Wright http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/?p=468960  

ap ernst von freyberg ll 130215 wblog Gods Bank and Its New Boss

Ernst von Freyberg (Image credit: DC Advisory/SP Photo

 ROME — Today it was more than just a routine personnel matter for Pope Benedict XVI to name a new president of the Vatican Bank: German lawyer Ernst von Freyberg.  The appointment may well be the last of the pope’s papacy, filling a vacancy created a year ago in the midst of a money laundering investigation.

The job of “God’s Banker” has long been a tricky one.   Conspiracy theorists have always been fond of the Vatican Bank.  And with good reason.

The Institute for Works of Religion (as it’s officially called) has been linked to plenty of bad guys over the years, including mobsters, Nazis and Freedom Fighters.

“God’s Bank” (as it’s long been known) has been so fraught with scandal that last month, citing concerns about possible money laundering, Italy’s Central Bank stopped all bankcard payments at the Vatican.

That meant tourists could no longer swipe their debit cards to pay the entrance fee at the Vatican Museum or buy a rosary at the gift shop.  No Visa.  No Mastercard.  No American Express.  The Vatican was forced into “cash only.”

Only this week did Italian authorities allow those electronic transactions to resume.

The Institute for Works of Religion is a private bank within the Vatican that functions something like a credit union.  It is believed to have $4 billion  in assets and nearly 34,000 accounts.  But its accounting system falls short of the transparency required under European banking laws.

The bank’s assets are not owned by the Holy See, but the pope is effectively the chairman of the board.  He oversees a committee of cardinals who act as a board of directors.  The cardinals, in turn, oversee the bank’s president.

The bank has a checkered past.

In the 1970s and ’80s, there was the massive money laundering scandal involving Sicilian mafia drug money.   The Vatican Bank was the main shareholder in Banco Ambrosiano, a multi-billion dollar private bank that collapsed amid accusations it was laundering the Gambino crime family’s heroin profits.

Banco Ambrosiano’s Chairman Roberto Calvi — nicknamed “God’s banker” because of his close ties to the Vatican — was eventually found hanging by a noose from Blackfriar’s Bridge in central London.  Whether it was suicide or murder remains a mystery.

The scandal inspired part of the plot of “The Godfather III.”

In the 1990s, Holocaust survivors sued the Vatican bank, alleging it housed large deposits of gold looted by Nazis.  Declassified U.S. documents from the 1940s appeared to corroborate  that those truckloads of gold from Croatia ended up in the hands of the church.  But the case was ultimately dismissed because of “sovereign immunity.”

Conspiracy theorists later accused the Vatican of minting gold euro coins with the pope’s face using  gold looted from Nazi concentration camps.  The Vatican has repeatedly denied any involvement with Nazi gold.

The bank’s latest scandal comes in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008.   The pope appointed Ettore Gotti Tedeschi to reform the Vatican bank.  But in 2012 the bank’s board fired him for dereliction of duty and erratic personal behavior.

An independent audit in 2012 by Moneyval, Europe’s anti-money laundering agency, found that the Vatican Bank had made significant progress in achieving greater transparency, but there was still much work to be done.

It will be up to Ernst von Freyberg to do it.

Who is he?

He’s the head of the Blohm & Voss group, a German shipbuilding and engineering company.  He’s also a prominent member of Knights of Malta, the ancient chivalric order composed of wealthy European aristocrats who support the papacy – the so-called Black Nobility.

Financial regulators — and conspiracy theorists — will be extremely interested in his work.

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Pope Benedict XVI Never Aspired to Be Pope: Historian http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/02/pope-benedict-xvi-never-aspired-to-be-pope-historian/ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/02/pope-benedict-xvi-never-aspired-to-be-pope-historian/#comments Mon, 11 Feb 2013 16:22:46 +0000 Lauren Effron http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/?p=468591 After Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement today that he will resign on Feb. 28, his older brother told The Associated Press that the pontiff had been advised by his doctor not to take any more transatlantic trips and had been considering stepping down for months.

Talking from his home in Regensburg in Germany, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, 89, told the AP his younger brother, formerly Joseph Ratzinger, was having increasing difficulty walking and that his resignation was part of a “natural process.”

“His age is weighing on him,” Ratzinger said. “At this age, my brother wants more rest.”

FULL COVERAGE: Pope Benedict XVI Resignation

Pope Benedict XVI was the oldest pope to be elected at age 78 on April 19, 2005, but according to a Catholic historian, the now 85-year-old pontiff never aspired to become pope.

Writer and historian Michael Hesemann spent months interviewing Monsignor Georg Ratzinger at his home in Regensburg to capture the intimate details of his life with the pope, from childhood to papacy. The two brothers have always been close.

These interviews became Ratzinger’s memoirs in a book titled “My Brother, The Pope,” which came out last March.

Hesemann, 48, is a German Catholic and an expert in church history. In writing this book, Hesemann told ABC News in an interview last year, he was surprised to learn that the pope was an “unambitious” man, “a loner” growing up, who was content to be a theology professor in Germany and never aspired to rise through the Catholic ranks.

“[The pope] never wanted to become a bishop, he never wanted to become cardinal, he never wanted to go to Rome, for three times he resisted the call of Pope John Paul II to Rome, but eventually he had to be obedient to the pope … and certainly never wanted to be pope,” Hesemann said at the time. “It was against his plan. It was the plan of God but was not the plan of Joseph Ratzinger.”

RELATED: Pope Benedict XVI Resigns: The Statement

Having written books about Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II, the Vatican granted Hesemann permission to write a biography about Pope Benedict XVI shortly after his election to the papacy in April 2005. It was after that the biographer said he developed a strong interest in interviewing Pope Benedict’s older brother, Georg Ratzinger. After waiting almost six years, Hesemann said the monsignor agreed to have him record his memoirs.

Hesemann made it clear that this book, “My Brother, the Pope,” was not commissioned by the Vatican, and was produced in a publishing house in Germany, not by the Vatican library. But the writer admitted that the Holy Father’s personal secretary, Monsignor Georg Gänswein, did fact-check the book with Pope Benedict because Georg Ratzinger is almost completely blind and couldn’t proofread it.

Long before he was named pope himself, Joseph Ratzinger had the ear of Pope John Paul II, and served as his close adviser. Hesemann said Pope John Paul II often sought Ratzinger’s advice and the two would have collaborated on how best to offer the famous grand apologies Pope John Paul II made for the wrongdoings of the Catholic Church.

“In every step John Paul II made, you have one way or the other, an influence of the Ratzinger theology,” Hesemann said. “John Paul II was a wonderful communicator but, as they say, he was not a great theological professor, he was not a teacher of theology, he was not a theological genius, and so he needed Ratzinger.”

But having his brother named pope “shocked” Georg Ratzinger at first, not because he was jealous, Hesemann said, but because Georg knew it meant he would not be able to retire and travel with his brother as they both had planned.

“It was a shock for him, it was a shock. He was deeply depressed,” Hesemann said. “He did not go to the phone for one day. His brother the pope tried to call him many times and in the end, eventually, the housekeeper went to the phone, and picked it up, and there’s the pope on the other line. He wanted to talk to his brother, and so for him, he said, ‘Oh, my God, I don’t want to talk to anybody, this is the worst thing that could happen because now it’s like I don’t have a brother anymore, he won’t have any time for me.’”

Hesemann said Georg would travel to Rome four times a year to spend time with the pope.

“He’s happy to have him be the pope,” Hesemann said. “[But] he is missing his brother. He would like to have his brother at his side.”

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Charity Helps Those Leaving Polygamy Sect http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/01/charity-helps-those-leaving-polygamy-sect/ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/01/charity-helps-those-leaving-polygamy-sect/#comments Sat, 26 Jan 2013 17:58:19 +0000 Muriel Pearson http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/?p=466512 Tonight “20/20″ updates the story of Willy Steed’s breaking away from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), the polygamous sect whose leader and prophet is Warren Jeffs. Without money or resources, Steed and his family turned to Holding Out HELP, a non-governmental group that assists those seeking to leave polygamy.

The organization provides access to housing, food, clothing, counseling, mentoring, job training, education and referral services. It is one of very few organizations that specialize in helping members of polygamous communities.

Since Jeffs went to prison, the number of people coming to Holding Out HELP for help has quadrupled.

“We have entire families coming out, and many individuals. They aren’t equipped to deal with the outside world,” Holding Out HELP executive director Tonia Tewel said.

Most of the individuals who leave their polygamist community are lacking in education, job training, and basic life skills, according to Tewell. Because they are shunned if they decide to leave, they often have no one to turn to.

“They don’t know how to function in the real world,” Tewel said. “They don’t know how to make their own choices, because they have never had to face this. A lot of them don’t even have a high school education.”

Click the link to find out more about Holding Out HELP.

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Vatican Threatens to Excommunicate Chinese Priest Backed By Beijing http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/07/vatican-threatens-to-excommunicate-chinese-priest-backed-by-beijing/ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/07/vatican-threatens-to-excommunicate-chinese-priest-backed-by-beijing/#comments Thu, 05 Jul 2012 13:24:09 +0000 Audrey Wozniak http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/?p=423161 gty catholic church beijing dm 120705 wblog Vatican Threatens to Excommunicate Chinese Priest Backed By Beijing

Liu Jin/AFP/Getty Images

The Vatican has threatened a Chinese priest with excommunication if China moves ahead with his government-backed bishop ordination, which has not been approved by the Holy See.

The Chinese government-backed appointment of the Rev. Yue Fusheng in northern Chinese city of Harbin on Friday is aggravating already-tense relations between the Vatican and the Chinese government.

In its statement on Wednesday Vatican asserted that the Rev. Yue Fusheng is aware that his ordination was not approved by the pope and thus “unlawful” and “illegitimate.” The punishment for unlawful ordination is excommunication, according to the Vatican’s Code of Cannon Law.

The statement also warned that the Chinese government-backed appointment was an infringement on religious freedom and would “create confusion and divisions among the Catholic community in China.”

A spokesperson for the State Administration for Religious Affairs in China responded that the Vatican’s public threats and accusations were “outrageous and shocking,” restrictive of freedom, and detrimental to the development of the Chinese and universal Catholic Church.

Get more pure politics at ABC News.com/Politics and a lighter take on the news at OTUSNews.com

Since its formation over 60 years ago the Communist Party of China has mandated that religions only operate under government control, subsequently cutting ties with the Vatican, expelling foreign clergy, and creating the state-funded Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPA). The refusal of the CPA and the Holy See to recognize each other’s authority has created points of contention between the two, particularly over the installation of bishops without papal approval as well as the issues of abortion and contraception.

While the CPA is the only legal Catholic organization in China, millions of Chinese Vatican loyalists continue to worship in “underground” churches.

Catholicism has existed in China for over eight centuries. While the Chinese government reports that the country has 5.7 million Catholics, unofficial estimates range from 12 million to over 60 million.

http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/07/vatican-threatens-to-excommunicate-chinese-priest-backed-by-beijing/feed/ 2
Inside One of the Holiest Rooms in Mormon Temple http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/07/inside-one-of-the-holiest-rooms-in-mormon-temple/ http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/07/inside-one-of-the-holiest-rooms-in-mormon-temple/#comments Tue, 03 Jul 2012 13:26:07 +0000 ABC News http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/?p=419301 ht celestial room morman temple ll 120702 wblog Inside One of the Holiest Rooms in Mormon Temple

The Celestial Room in the Kansas City Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is shown in this 2012 photo. (Intellectual Reserve, Inc.)

It’s a room few get to see, with high ceilings, comfortable furnishings and an ethereal brightness that’s meant to evoke images of heaven.

Called the Celestial Room, it’s one of the most sacred rooms of a Mormon temple.

The purpose of the room is “to remind us that we’re on our way back to God. We’re on our way back to Heaven. That’s our objective,” Elder William R. Walker, a senior leader within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — also known as  the Mormon Church — told Barbara Walters in a recent interview.

And not just any Mormon can enter a Celestial Room, only Mormons in good standing are allowed to enter.

This Friday, on a special two-hour “20/20,” Barbara Walters meets with religious leaders from different faiths around the world to get a range of perspectives on heaven and the afterlife.

For Mormons, heaven consists of three degrees, with the most dutiful residing in the top level.

“One of the things that distinguishes our belief and our faith is we don’t think you just say, ‘I believe in Jesus,’ and you go straight to heaven,” Walker said. “We think that our lives will be evaluated based on how we lived — we lived with a love for others, if we contribute to society, if we keep the Commandments of God.”

Watch the full story on “Heaven,” a special two-hour “20/20″

http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/07/inside-one-of-the-holiest-rooms-in-mormon-temple/feed/ 1