‘Get Well’ Heinz Soup Cans Sent Through Facebook

Is your friend feeling under the weather? If you live in the UK, show them you care by sending them a (real) can of Heinz soup through Facebook.

The company has created a Facebook page that allows UK residents to buy a £1.99 can of Cream of Chicken or Cream of Tomato soup, complete with a “Get Well Soon” message with the sick friend’s name written on the can.

“A piping hot bowl of soup has long been the nation’s go-to favourite comfort food when feeling under the weather,” said Nigel Dickie, director  corporate and government affairs for Heinz UK & Ireland. “Thanks to Heinz’s latest limited edition labelling, you can now show your support and lift the spirits of a sniffily friend, family member or colleague, by sending a thoughtful limited edition personalised ‘Get Well’ Soup can.”

The can is then delivered to the friend’s (real) doorway. The whole process takes about three to four days.

But sorry, Americans. Heinz does not sell soup in the U.S., so the social media soup giving is specific to the U.K. area.

“Social media provides a platform for our fans to engage with the brand and with each other, and gives us a valuable source of insight and engagement,” said Dickie.

Ah, just another way social media boosts our self-esteem… and our immune systems.

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