Cosmetic Surgery: Scary or No Big Deal?

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Vishal Thakkar didn't need a nose job. But the 35-year-old divorcé wanted to "be a little selfish for once," he said, and "do something just for me." Thakkar, who lived in Oklahoma City at the time, said he screened 10 different doctors before settling on a Tulsa-based surgeon for a "minor tweak" to his mildly asymmetric nostrils.

"It was supposed to be in and out- in on the weekend and back to life in two days," Thakkar said.

But in the seven years since, Thakkar has undergone 23 additional operations to address major complications, he said. The surgeries have transformed his nose into a mound of misplaced skin and cartilage. His nostrils are gone, replaced by a collapsing tunnel held open by a straw.

Is this a freak case or an example of cosmetic surgery's dangers? Chime in below, and watch the full story on "20/20: Botched!" Friday at 10 p.m. ET.

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