Stacy Keibler Talks Clean Cleanse, Other Beauty and Body Secrets

Stacy Keibler is famous for her long, lean legs and her Hollywood A-lister boyfriend, George Clooney.

In the latest issue of NewBeauty magazine, Keibler, who has appeared on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," shared the secrets of her enviable figure.

"I believe that you are what you eat, so I try to eat a lot of organic vegetables and fruits," said Keibler, who appears on the magazine's cover.

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The 33-year-old actress and model said she embraced a strict diet called the Clean Cleanse.

"My life changed when I did the 21-day clean program … I eliminated sugar, fruit, beans, corn and gluten and looked at it like an experiment with my body," she said.

Sounds extreme, right? Well, that's because it is, nutritionist Keri Glassman told "Good Morning America."

"I do really like that she has dramatically reduced the amount of sugar in her overall diet and taken out all packaged processed foods," Glassman said. "That's something that we all should be doing regardless of how extreme we do go."

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The extreme diet isn't the only contributor to Keibler's glow. The former professional wrestler also credits sweat.

"My fitness tip is to try and sweat every single day … even if you can only do jumping jacks for 10 minutes in your house, and that's all you can get in," she said.

And the key to her keeping her legs red-carpet ready? Cellulite-busting body brushing, the magazine said.

"I've actually just gotten into lymphatic brushing," Keibler said. "That is really, really great to get your cells moving and your lymphatic system moving and you'll see a difference."

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