Boy Dresses Up As His Surgeon for Halloween

VIDEO: Landon Brownes costume is the doctor who gave him cochlear implants at Seattle Childrens Hospital.

A 7-year-old Seattle boy has decided on a slightly unusual Halloween costume this year. He plans on dressing up as his surgeon, Dr. Jay Rubenstein.

Landon Browne was born deaf, but received his first cochlear implant when he was just 9 months old from Rubenstein, a professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Washington. In the past seven years, Landon has grown into a precocious kid who likes to beat box.

"I'm pretty smart," Landon told ABC News affiliate KOMO-TV. "I don't mean to be not humble."

He received his second implant this summer, also from Rubinstein. As a result for Halloween this year, Landon decided he wanted to emulate his hero, Rubinstein.

Landon Browne dressed up as his hero, Dr. Jay Rubenstein. (KOMO)

He showed up at the hospital for a test run on Wednesday wearing a (shrunken) lab coat, green glasses, tie and stethoscope, just like the original Rubenstein.

Boy, 3, Hears for the First Time

Rubinstein told KOMO-TV that Landon had also become an important aspect of his research into cochlear implants and in his attempts to help those with implants to hear music more clearly.

"I'm very grateful for him for all the effort he's made on our behalf," said Rubinstein. "For him to do this makes it clear he feels the same way."

Rubinstein said many people with implants have trouble following melodies and pitch changes.

Landon's mother, Alysia Browne said she hopes her son will be able to hear music more clearly in the future especially because Landon's father is a musician.

"I completely got goose bumps, because who would want their child to not experience the beauty of music," said Browne.

Experiencing Sound for the First Time

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