Ingenious Bowl Lets Cereal Keep Its Crunch

This bowl prevents cereal from becoming mushy. Photo credit: Michael Roberts.

Thanks to an ingenious $14 bowl, the captain can finally keep his crunch.

The Obol "Original Crispy Bowl" prevents breakfast cereal from getting soggy with a clever "swoop and scoop" design. There's a chamber for cereal up top with a reservoir for the milk below. Simply scoop a spoonful of cereal into your spoon, swoop it into the milk and viola! Your breakfast keeps on snap, crackle and popping.

The bowl is great for other classic combos too, like soup and crackers, milk and cookies, and yogurt and fruit. Not only that, it's made the USA.

If you've ever wondered why your morning meal turns to mush in milk, here's more explanation than you'll ever need from Robert Roberts, the head of the Food Science Program at Penn State:

"Cereal is very dry and the moisture content of milk is very high," he explained. "When you mix the two things together, the food molecules are hydrated, which causes them to flow more easily. They become less brittle and to use a technical word, soggy."

The Obol bowl solves this "moisture migration" problem for the 147 million of us who enjoy cereal each morning, according to the American Cereal Council. You might say that it's the champion of breakfast bowls.

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