Anna Kaiser's Top Workout Tips, Plus Habits You Should Avoid

Many people make fitness resolutions for the New Year, only to abandon them after a few weeks or months.

Celebrity fitness trainer Anna Kaiser, who works with superstars such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Ripa and Shakira, appeared on "Good Morning America" to share her workout tips.

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She also added a few bonus tips to help you go the distance on your resolutions, and also pointed out what you should avoid.

Anna's Top 3 Fitness Tips

1. Keep treats out of eyesight when you walk into the kitchen, and instead place them in a cabinet, on the top shelf, out of reach so that you have to get a step stool to get to them. No easy access!

2. Give yourself one cheat day every week to look forward to so you can eat clean and watch your portions the remainder of the week.

3. Try to get your heart pounding at least three times a week. Even just taking the stairs instead of the elevator can do it. Or, for an extra challenge, get a free cardio workout video by going to and signing up.

Avoid These Mistakes

1. Making HUGE fitness resolutions that are too tough to stick to. Baby steps! If you've never worked out, don't start with five days a week. Start with two days a week, find something you love and increase once you're ready. That way you keep your goals achievable.

2. Cutting out everything you love from your diet. I've seen this fail over and over. Don't cut everything out! Just stick to smaller portions. Try eating five to six 300-calorie meals per day instead of three big meals. You won't get the food coma, and you'll keep your energy consistent throughout the day. Plus, you'll boost your metabolism.

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3. Forgetting the importance of stress and sleep. Getting in shape is not only about diet and exercise. Cutting back the stressful activities in your life and planning for extra shut-eye can be just as effective as improving your diet and exercise program. Lack of sleep and a spike in cortisol production (effect of stress) will encourage your body to hold on to extra pounds. So grab a good book, sip some chamomile and hit the sack an hour earlier. You'll be surprised how much better you feel.

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