The Old Spice Guy Is Back

Old Spice guy questions your commitment to getting in shape.

Click on this ad for the Push Up Muscle Shirt and you're taken to a page showing two photos of the same man. In one image the man is woefully contemplating his large belly. In the other he has squeezed his considerable girth into a shirt that is "clinically proven to sculpt fat deposits into shapes that are pleasing to a woman's eye and a man's self-esteem."

Credit: Spice

But wait! Before you place your order, the screen fades.

You've just been pranked by the Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa , who asks, "Do I really want this? Do girls really like artificially placed body muscles?"

Yeah, you know you wish such a garment truly existed. Still, it's hard to stay annoyed at someone who claims he gave his shoes to a homeless dog to chew on because "he's nice."

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