Personal Cancer Cures? All About Cancer Genomics in 9 Tweets

Genomics may one day allow doctors to personalize cancer treatment for every individual. Credit: Getty Images.

By Dr. Alok Patel, ABC News Medical Unit

Imagine a world in which tumors came with step-by-step instructions of how they could be destroyed. This sounds like a far-fetched concept but it is closer to becoming reality thanks to the growing field of cancer genomics.

Tumors have potential genetic "ID tags," termed biomarkers, that could one day help oncologists tailor drugs for each patient. What could this mean in the grand scheme of cancer care? Potentially more efficient chemotherapy treatment, with the added bonus of decreased side effects.

This week's ABC Health tweet chat, led by ABC News' chief health and medical correspondent, Dr. Richard Besser, explored the fundamentals of personalized medicine in cancer care. The chat, co-sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research, covered the basics of cancer genomics, including research, funding and delivery of care. Click here for a full transcript of the chat in case you missed it. The following nine tweets from the chat represent the highlights.

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